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Hillary Clinton celebrated her triumph as the first woman to lead a major party in a race for the White House, scoring big wins in California and New Jersey to cement her grip on the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nomination. She won 4 out of six state primaries and Sanders won 2. Clinton edged Sanders out in a rough-and-tumble battle that stretched over four months and 50 states. CNN and NBC projected Clinton would win in California. With about two-thirds of the votes counted, Clinton led Sanders 56 percent to 43 percent, avoiding what would have been an embarrassing loss in America’s most populous state. The California win came on the heels of a decisive win in New Jersey and narrower victories in New Mexico and South Dakota in Tuesday’s nominating contests. Sanders won Montana and North Dakota. A defeat in California would have reinforced doubts about Clinton’s candidacy. Now, she can turn her attention to healing her fractured party and drawing in Sanders’ passionate supporters.

She won support, especially among older voters, with a more pragmatic campaign focused on building on the policies of her fellow Democrat, President Barack Obama. The young voters went over to Bernie Sanders and supported him. Some democratic party members agreed with the political program of Sanders but voted for Hillary on the fear that Sanders’ nomination will unite the right wing Republicans against him.

Bernie Sanders vowed to continue the campaign untill the July convention of the democratic party to officially announced the presidential candidate. It seems that Clinton will won the official nomination and will face Donald Trump of Republican party in November presidential elections. She contested the election to win the nomination in 2008 but defeated by the Barack Obama. Clinton, 68, appealed to supporters of party rival Bernie Sanders, 74, to join her campaign. She said Democrats had been bolstered by his campaign for eradicating income inequality, which has commanded huge crowds and galvanized younger voters. Not yet ready to concede, Sanders vowed to fight on.

At a rally in Santa Monica on Tuesday, Sanders showed no interest in ending his upstart candidacy, telling cheering supporters he would go on campaigning through next Tuesday’s primary in the District of Columbia and carry his political mission — although not necessarily his campaign — to the party convention in Philadelphia next month.
“We are going to fight hard to win the primary in Washington, D.C.,” he said. “And then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.” Sanders campaign bring political revolution in American politics. Sanders called himself as democratic Socialist and runs his campaign on the issues like, health and education services, equality, minimum wage of 15$ an hour and other issues faced by the working class. His appeal is much bigger outside the Democratic Party than Clinton.

Even if Sanders does concede to Clinton, his supporters may not go quietly. Several told Reuters in recent days that they would have trouble supporting Clinton in a matchup against Trump, saying they either would not vote or would support a third-party candidate.
The biggest challenge faced  by Clinton is to won over the Sanders supporters to vote her. The overwhelming majority of Sanders supporters are anti establishment and left leaning. The Hillary will not be able to won them over on a right wing program and slogans. If Sanders decided to cotest presidential election as an independent candidate than Hillary will face the hard choices in the election campaign. She has two choices, either to move further to the left and incorporate demands and slogans of Sanders campaign or more further to the right and appeal to rightwing Republicans who are against Trump and will look for another candidate. She was forced to move to the left during the primaries to counter the radical Sanders. But she has limitations that how far she can move to the left. The Democratic Party establishment backed her against Sanders and will not take more left wing line during the campaign.

What is clear from sanders campaign is the fact that sections og youth and young workers are looking for an alternate to the Democratic party. The sanders campaign shows that young people are sick tired of two party system. Both parties represent American capitalist class. Both parties works for the interests of the capitalist class. The working people and other sections of the society needs their own political voice. They need their own party which defend and protect the interests of the working people and middle class. There is a real opportunity exist to launch such a party to continue the political revolution.

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