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About Khalid Bhatti

Khalid Bhatti journalistThis blog is the reflection of my political ideas and thoughts which developed over the years. The transformation of political thoughts and ideas is on going process which continues to the end. My thoughts and ideas are based on my limited knowledge, experience, observation and wisdom.

I am not among those writers, journalist, academics and analysts who belongs to privileged background. Study in prestigious education institutions and develop links with powerful and rich elite. I belongs to a humble background and so went through a hard struggle to become what i am now. My beliefs, ideas and thoughts have been developed through the struggles. I actively took part in almost all the important political, social and trade union movements which developed since 1980s in Pakistan.


I worked very closely with left movement, trade unions and social movements since 1980s. I am not somebody who remains on the fringes of the movements and analyse them as an outsider but practically took part in these movements which provides me insight into these movements and learn a lot about the internal dynamics of these movements, events and political developments.

The main stream media focus on big leaders, famous people, big events and the movers and shakers of our society. But my focus always been on the poor, weak, unknown, repressed, exploited and downtrodden sections of the society.

Purpose for this Blog

The main aim and purpose of this blog is to bring the alternate views and analysis. I am writing regularly since 1990s for different magazines, organisations and websites both local and international. As an ideological political activists, writer and journalist, i have my own bias, liking and dislikings, favorites and friends but it does not mean that one should distort reality and truth in one’s analysis and reporting.

The main objective to launch this blog is to promote, human values, peace, harmony, tolerance and to cut across the menace of extremism, intolerance, hate and violence.

To clarify the misconceptions about the Pakistani society and people which were developed over the years because of violence and extremism.

To give clear perspective, impartial and independent analysis and views.

To promote the culture of tolerance, pluralism, civilised discussions and debates in the society.

To report the events and news as they unfold without any bias and prejudice.

To report and analyse news without having any discrimination against any section of the society on the basis of religion, language, gender and ethnicity.

To support democracy, human rights, human dignity, rule of law and human and economic development in Pakistan.

Writes regular columns for thenews.com.pk and naibaat.com.pk.

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