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Right wing whipping up anti immigration and anti Muslim propaganda

Donald Trump has launched vicious propaganda campaign against immigrants and Muslims soon after the mass shooting in Orlando gay nightclub, in which 50 people died and 53 injured. The killer was a muslim of Afghan origin, who targeted the innocent people in this gruesome attack. This attack  should be condemned in every possible way as innocent lives lost. But this attack should also not be used to spread war hysteria and anti immigration propaganda. The American and international media will continue to focus on the question of homegrown terrorism and increased radicalisation in Muslim youth and homophobia. Whole media attention will be on that the attacker was a muslim and son of an immigrant and gay club was attacked. The media and rightwing politicians will keep the focus on terrorism and immigration, ignoring the other issues of poverty, inequality, Economic policies, unemployment, police repression against blacks and erosion of democratic rights and privacy.

But Gwynne Dyer raised another important question, he wrote in Arab News “On average around 200 Americans are killed and wounded in mass shootings every month. It has has been going on for many years. Last year 347 mass shootings- defined as a shooting that kills or wound four  or more people, killed 475 Americans and wounded 1,870. The media go into a feeding frenzy whenever the number killed in a single incident reaches a dozen or so, but it doesn’t last long.The politicians offer their thoughts and prayers for the victims and their loved ones, and everybody carries on as before. After all, 200 killed and wounded a month in mass shootings isn’t all that big a number in a population of 325 million, and anyway trying to bring in gun control is not worth the political effort. It has been tried repeatedly, and it just doesn’t work”.

“It shouldn’t make much difference to the public or the politicians either, because Mateen is just one more mass murderer among hundreds, very few of whom are Muslims. Donald Trump (and some other people) will be pushing the “terrorism” button as hard as they can, in the hope that they can fool people into backing extreme solutions to what is really a very small problem, but that is just cynical self-interest. “Violence is as American as cherry pie,” as H. Rap Brown once put it, and on the whole Americans have just decided to live with it. That’s not an entirely unreasonable decision, because changing a whole culture is hard, slow, uncertain work, and 13,286 gun deaths per year (including massacres, one-on-one killings, suicides and accidents) is only one in every 25,000 Americans”.

One can disagree with Gwynne Dyer, but he made an important point which is missing in the speeches of the rightwing politicians and media talks. Now just watch, listen or read the speech made by Donald Trump in response to this attack. This speech provides good insight into the thinking of right wing Republicans and how they are going to shape up the policies in coming period.

Republican Donald Trump placed responsibility for a mass shooting in Florida squarely at the feet of radical Muslims, who he said were entering the country amidst a flood of refugees and “trying to take over our children.”

He noted that the parents of the Florida gunman, Omar Mateen, 29, were born in Afghanistan. Pointing to specific incidents such as the Sep 11, 2001, attacks, Trump said threats were posed by people with roots in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.

“When I’m elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies until we fully understand how to end these threats,” Donald Trump said.

Trump said that, if elected, he would use the executive authority of the presidency to impose stronger controls on immigration to protect Americans from attacks, fine-tuning his earlier campaign promise to temporarily ban the entry of foreign Muslims to shore up national security.

“If we want to protect the quality of life for all Americans ─ women and children, gay and straight, Jews and Christians and all people ─ then we need to tell the truth about radical Islam and we need to do it now,” Donald Trump told the crowd in New Hampshire.

He went on to lambaste Clinton’s policies, saying they would allow “hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East” to enter the United States without adequate security measures.

There would be “no system to vet them, or to prevent the radicalization of… their children,” he said. “Not only their children, by the way. They’re trying to take over our children and convince them how wonderful ISIS is and how wonderful Islam is, and we don’t know what’s happening.”

The immigration ban, he said would last until “we are in a position to properly screen these people coming into our country. They’re pouring in, and we don’t know what we’re doing.”

Donald Trump did not tried to hide his hatred and disliking for the immigrants and Muslims. He consider them responsible for all ills that existed in American society. Stop immigrants and Muslims, and all the problems faced by the working class people will be solved. People like Hillary and Donald Trump shift the blame of their own system to others and looks for scapegoats.  They are not ready to accept the fact that capitalism is responsible for the poverty, hunger, starvation, wars and instability in the world. They deny the fact that so- called war on terror and imperialist aggressions against different countries in Middle East  and Africa destabilize whole regions. There were some small reactionary hard line  islamic militant groups in in these countries but American intervention and aggression helped them to grow to become bigger organisations. It was the American imperialism which encourage the formations of the reactionary Islamic movements and than help them to strengthen them against the rising left wing movements in many Muslim majority population countries. The American ruling class is responsible for the spread of the reactionary ideology of so-called jihad and militancy in the Muslim populations around the world against the ideas of Socialism and Soviet Union during the cold war period. The imperialist policies of the American ruling class created the situations of civil wars in many countries. The ordinary people been forced to leave their countries because of wars, starvations and destructions.

American imperialism through the imperialist financial institution like IMF and World Bank, forced the governments of third world countries to adopt free market economy and neoliberalism. These policies in last three decades have pushed millions of people below the poverty line. These economic policies responsible for the falling living standards, low wages and poverty.

There is no doubt in the mind of the Trump that if he elected than what he has to do. Whether he will be able to win the presidential elections in November or not. One thing is very clear that the whole debate between Hillary and Trump will move to the further right and real issues will be missing in this debate. Both will focus on security , terrorism, war against ISIS and more harsher laws to protect America. The real casualty in the debate will be of economic policies, free market economy and neoliberalism, minimum wage of $15, inequality, health and education reforms.  The election campaign will polarise the American society and further divide the communities. This campaign will further isolate the immigrants and Muslim communities from the mainstream.Donald Trump will use race and religion  to divide the working class people. It is important for the working class people of America to stop Trump with all his madness and crazy ideas. But Hillary is not the solution either. American Working class needs independent political voice which can unite all working class communities and forge class unity and organise political movement to emancipate millions of working class people from the dictatorship of millionaires and political establishment which represent the interests of capitalist class.

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