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The situation in Pakistani province Baluchistan is still very tense. Violence is still continuing. The Baluch militias are continuing their attacks on security forces and government installations. The government is not serious to resolve the main issues that have created the present unrest and crises. The government is only interested to calm down the very tense situation in Sui to keep the Gas supplies uninterrupted.

Since the heavy clashes of march 17 in Sui and Dera Bugti, in which hundreds of people died and thousands forced to leave their houses. The government and Bugti tribal chief has made an agreement to end the month long stand off between security Forces and Bugti militia. The military Government make the mistake to under estimate the strength of Bugti militia, which resisted vigorously against well-equipped security forces . Now government has again started the talks with Bugti tribal chief and announced some concessions for him to normalize the situation.

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